BVK Headquarters

Milwaukee, WI

BVK is a top 25 national Ad Agency located in Glendale.  They work in highly nimble, highly collaborative teams that approach marketing problems from every possible angle.

Physical space is key to collaboration.  Brief and passive contacts are made going to and from, or walking about the office.  Separating groups, each with their own culture and approach to problem-solving, discourages them from sharing ideas and solutions.  BVK is designed to encourage collaboration.

The key features that make for a collaborative office space:

  • An open plan and other design features like open staircases that encourage accidental interactions.
  • More common areas than are strictly necessary—cafeterias, other places to read and work that encourage workers to leave confined offices and encourages employees to bump into coworkers from different teams within the company.
  • Purpose-free “collaboration” areas in open-plan spaces, which encourage workers to do their thinking in the presence of other people, rather than alone.