Concordia University Center for Biblical Truth and Science

Ann Arbor, MI

Light Above
Light, historically is used as a symbol of truth, holiness, and faith. The clerestory windows light the overhanging roof from below, creating a soft halo effect and drawing the visitor’s interest upward to the ceiling murals inside.

Bible Lands

Stone, wood, and plaster are building materials common to communities and architecture of early bible lands. The balcony overlooking the first floor display space is shaped to resemble the underside and keel of the ark. The wood species is gopher wood, of which the ark was constructed.

Sacra Pagina

Scholars, translators, researchers and the bookstore come together and highlight ways in which people in the academic community approach and study the bible. The main floor display provides a narrative for the bible timeline through exhibits, artwork, and artifacts.


7 columns support the ceiling coffers, each painted with a biblical mural. Each represents one of the seven c’s of bible truth:

  • · Creation

  • · Corruption

  • · Catastrophe

  • · Confusion

  • · Christ

  • · Cross

  • · Consummation