North Shore Bank Mequon Branch

Mequon, WI

Historically, bank design conveyed security to its customers. Teller lines provided a safe barrier between the public and the customer’s money.  Today, however, security equipment, such as cash dispense systems, enables branch banks to maintain security and present an open arrangement favorable to customer interaction. 

Three Emerging Trends

The teller counter is the place discussing customer needs and ultimately cross-selling products.  This teller design allows both quick transactions at standing eye-level sitting at the desk to discuss customer needs in confidence.  The teller is the personal banker.

Increasing construction costs supports smaller footprint branches with professional staff taking on multiple roles.  The Mequon Branch for North Shore Bank is the smallest branch of all the locations. Energy efficient components also reduce overall life cycle operating costs as well as promoting a sustainable mission.

Branches function as strategic retail centers reinforcing the character of the brand. Over 80% of all sales happen within the branch. In-lobby features like concierge service, coffee bar, remote teller, and change counting machines help customers maximize their visit and linger longer.