WE Energies Service Center

Menomonee Falls, WI

Innovation in Action

The challenge in this collaborative effort with WE Energies was to create and evaluate design opportunities for a LEED™ prototype customer service and work management facility. The result? A fresh concept with more efficient workflow and advanced vehicle servicing.

Green building measures yielding savings during the life of the building included include natural landscaping, water saving design and equipment, low maintenance renewable materials, recycled construction debris, and smart building controls for lighting and human comfort.

Energy saving technologies contribute to the diminishing demand for heating and air conditioning, lighting, and other equipment in the building, the combined result of which lowers day-to-day operating costs. The integration of these best practices early in the design process allowed for the better gauging of predicted operating costs used to help recover higher upfront expenses.

Soft features such as daylight, access to pleasing views, fresh air, bicycle racks, and outdoor seating translated in high quality work environments generating better morale and optimal work performance from employees.